Tuesday, 20 July 2010

163.Wishes for mountains

As usual browsing on topshop.com,and finding myself obsessing over everything. I really love both of these pairs of shoes,even though they're not really anything special. It's just they both conjure up images. I find I get particularly drawn to items that give off some sort of vibe/story and make me imagine.Like with the first pair I think of witches,clunkyness,mountains,scotland,thick snoods,winter freshness ect. I have a bit of a thing for clunky almost ugly shoes.
With the second pair I just think of old school days,and how amazing they would look with my satchel and coat and a nice school skirt. Haha,I must sound lame!


  1. No, I like them! Especially the first pair.

  2. Aghh topshop! They opened one in NY not too long ago and it is like torture to me! Everything is so pricey that my poor pockets squeal haha Which is a bummer because I love everything in that store :/

  3. You don't sound lame. Love those thoughts. AND YES to the shoes. Both pairs are awesome!


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