Sunday, 25 July 2010

164.Wishes for red balloons

wearing- vintage shoes,vintage levi's,mum's velvet cardigan,mums vintage bracelet,H&M tank top

Took a walk today into the city centre which was pretty fun. Took a detour on the way home,and got the chance to encounter a gypsy horse.Took some photos.
I'm loving freedom,and positivity and just not caring. Summer is not just a season for me,its a holiday and it just means happiness. It just feel so great.

99 red balloons-Nena
I love this song,and so does my mum.It makes me think of hippies and protests and bright red balloons flying high.It's also a summer song.


  1. great song! & i love the photos!

  2. OMG, I've been waiting forever to see that velvet jacket, it's so pretty and i kept waiting it in a summer outfit!!
    is it me but do you see to glow like phosphorous?
    (plus plus plus plus)
    could you do a post on home decoration? pleeeeeeeeease


Thank you! My eyes are wide open.
I'll try to reply to you ^.^