Saturday, 17 July 2010

160.Wishes for more good movies

I watched "Remember Me" last night,and actually thought it was pretty good. Despite all the pretensiousness,and the feeling that Robert Pattinson seems to only be able to play one emotion.Despite the fact that the main character Tyler seems to fit that complex,deep,poetic,smoker sort of stereotype,making his character seem a little flat.Even despite the fact that it had quite a few cliches,I really did love it.

It was tragic,and even made me cry(which doesn't happen much for me).It had some good twists in the story too,however some may feel the ending was offensive(I wont give the ending away).I'm not sure whether it was an offensive ending,as it maybe was trying to show awareness,and give the movie some reality.But then again,maybe it's wrong for the movie makers to gain profit from something that has created so many victims,and grief to families.

If you haven't seen it then I realise most of what I just wrote wont make sense to you,however to any that have...what was your opinion?Did you feel the ending was offensive? I'm really interested.


  1. I've been wanting to see this, I've added it to Netflix :) When I watch it, I'll comment again :) I think Robert Pattinson is gorgeous & I love that he's v. musically talented! Have you seen 'The Greatest' with Carey Mulligan & Pierce Brosnan (so good, but tragic too.) xx

  2. i have not seen this movie yet but you have made me want to watch it! i agree with Mary-Cate; the Greatest is one of the best movies i have seen recently. the acting is really good and the movie stuck with me for days!

  3. i saw remember me and when i realised what the date was at the end, me and my friend burst into tears. i thought it was pretty good but i agree, i think rob seems to only choose the same kind of roles over and over. i think he's awful in twilight.

  4. Watched 'Remember Me', as it started in our cinema and liked it pretty much as well (which was way of surprising, because I really don't like the whole Rob Pattinson Hype).
    Well, I was shocked about the ending, but acutually it was predictable.
    What I like about the movie are the relationships between the characters. The brother-sister-love was really touching, and also how Tyler missed his dead brother. Also his girlfriend was a likeable person.

    I like to remember films in photographs. The photograph of Remember Me is how Tyler sat in that café and wrote to his dead brother.

    Yes... that's what came to my mind right now.
    And I had to cry a little as well. But only a little. ;)


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