Wednesday, 29 December 2010

234.Wishes to not tidy my room

I am super super tired still. I'm in a bleugh mood,caused by tiredness,lack of bathing and a spotty face. I know I don't sound very refreshed,but my two days away were really wonderful. It's just odd for me to be busy at christmastime...usually this holiday consists of waiting for christmas,christmas day,then the rest of the holiday I spend being lazy staring at my new stuff in general glee.
Today I've layed around alot,and tried to force myself to tidy my room.I've also messed around with my new art stuff.Pens,brushes,watercolours,inks....quite a lot of fun.

Tommorow we've got guests over for 2 days. So I don't expect I'll get the chance to do a new years eve post. I've been doing a fair amount of reflecting,and have already come up with resolutions for the next year-
1.Get over a particular person,who has sort of dominated alot of life for a long time now.I don't know how this is going to work,but I know it has to happen.
2.Get a job.
3.Continue to grow my hair untill summer.After summer,be brave and do something shocking with it.Get a change.
4.Try to believe in the saying "la vie est belle" that is on the poster on my wall. Also don't feel sorry for myself.

I guess those are the main things other than try to figure out something about my future,and try not to mess up my grades.Sorry for all the image-less posts at the moment....."bites lip,and ponders whether to do anything about it".hum.

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