Monday, 6 December 2010

223.Wishes for purple

Okay,so I was planning on scanning this interesting article from summer i-D about how diversity should be important in the fashion world,but the scanner is being irratating,and you'd probably not be able to read the tiny text anyways. Shame though, because there were a lot of good points to it.

I have a very huge hatred of the way society seems so prentensious, and vain. I know,coming from someone who's interested in fashion may seem hypocritical. I'm not really sure about of lot of things, and question my ideas/beliefs constantly,so if I sound naive,it is probabaly because I am.

But at the moment,how I see it,is that people are becoming too obsessed with looks and I think this is very shallow. I think it's a shame how people are so easily(and seriously I mean,really easily) able to judge one another on the clothing/make up/hair/whatever choices they make before personality. I also think the media has a huge impact on making people believe a sqewed image of beauty. These womens magazines like OK,or Now that label people fat or ugly or badly dressed . And many other magazines are culprits for it too.Why does this even matter? It disgusts me.Anywho,I'm not ranting,I just think it's an important topic.

On a sort of similiar note,I went christmas shopping with a friend last weekend,and spotted these purple flares in the topshop sale-
So the photo doesn't do them justice,but they were only £5, fit perfectly round the waist,were an amazing shade of purple,and just needed to be taken up a couple of inches on the leg. I kind of wanted to buy them, but I was with one of my less accepting friends and she looked really scared. I almost felt like I couldn't admit to liking them. And for some reason I knew I wouldn't be daring enough to wear was a weird sort of moment,and I disliked it.


  1. I can empathize, Those moments catch you by surprise and always manage to leave a bad taste. 'tis odd, makes you feel unclean, I dislike it.

    £5 for something rather 'daring' is a risk you should of taken upon yourself to grasp!

  2. damn man, you should go back & get them! they're AMAZING!! £5 is only $10 american & they're STILL a steal! frankly: i completely agree with you about the fact that people are shallow. to be honest, the people i deal with on a daily basis (at my job) are exactly like that. it's pretty sad, actually.

  3. I agree... go back and buy those pants! Be yourself and who cares what friends think (I mean, you can kind of care.) I have a friend who has rainbow coloured highlights in her hair, totally not for me, but it suits her and I support it :) People are becoming very shallow and I dare say it's almost like bullying...


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