Thursday, 2 December 2010

220.Wishes for no school tommorow

Today was amazing because-
It was one of my close friends birthday,and I have a huge love for birthdays.
I got to spend it at her house,with a small gathering of other amazing friends.

I was fed smartie cake.Not as cool as this,but still delicious.
The snow is refusing to budge,and we spent quite a lot of time in it.School was shut.
I am very happy right now. I love wonderful days like these.I love not being at school.


  1. Love the last photo, it was my favourite film as a child, but the war scenes would scare me so much! and thank you for the comment:) I know what you mean! I love the way the snow seems to soundproof everything to:) xx

  2. I love that cake...


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