Friday, 17 December 2010

226.Wishes for excitement

Thank you for the happy birthday messages,I had a really wonderful day.Turning 16 felt a little surreal to be honest. I guess in some ways you wake up thinking,wow I'm 16,everything has changed. And then you realise it really hasn't,and that it's just a number. But that aside,my friends and family made it feel pretty special.Tonight I'm having a small gathering,and tommorow we're all going shopping. Yes,I actually planned something this year,as it was one of my new years resolutions. I planned it quite a while back,and wrote this little list of ways to entertain my friends on the evening...

It's part serious,part humourous and quite childish. But I'll take some inspiration from it,and try to complete some of them. Off to get ready now(which for some reason feels terribly exciting).

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  1. Hello, long time reader that hasn't ever commented here :P. Glad you had a good birthday. Sixteen is the bomb. It really is. :D
    Hope your party was awesome!



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