Friday, 29 October 2010

205.Wishes to be anything but ordinary

Anything but Ordinary-Avril Lavigne

So I'd thought I'd let you know about my rather cringeworthy like for Avril. It started in year 6,when I thought I had everything in common with her because of the ginger/brown/mousy hair.The love grew through year 7, the years of skinnies,converses,anything tartan and rucksacks.

Now it faded for almost 2 years,but recently she has grown on me again.It's rather weird...but everytime one of her 92 songs that I have on my ipod plays,I don't seem to skip. And I still know the words to most of them.It's like I really dislike her music,and then somehow like it.Confusing...


  1. My only problem with Avril is that was she is a commercial singer. Meaning, that style was not her, but a stylish realized that look at that time would attract people, the music style the same thing.
    But she can perform very well.

  2. Your posts are wonderful! I love your writing!


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