Saturday, 16 October 2010

196.Wishes to fall from the stars

Simply Red-Stars

Simply Red-Holding Back the Years

Just two random photos, and songs I really can't stop listening to.
Had another good Friday and Saturday....went to Hull fair,and this year I did not puke(I did two years ago on the twister,and realised that I no longer liked spinning things)! Hull fair is basically a huge travelling fair that arrives every year right on my doorstep,and I love it for all its traditions and excitement.Today I went to an ice skating party,so got to meet up with more friends.The rest of the day has been spent scoffing candy floss and doing homework.

I've got 4 days of school(and a history exam that I'm really freaking out about) till half term and it's making me super happy.Just gotta knuckle down for my exam,and then I can have a somewhat chilled half term....even though I've got a german exam to prepare for during half term. Yes,Exams really are a life sucker.

Sorry about the constant personal blog updates about pretty irrelevant things,I hope you don't mind.
see you.


  1. Simple Red is an oldy... "You make me feel brand new" is one I remember by them.

  2. It´s your blog, therefore you get to choose what you post in it. Personally I like it, quite a lot actually. I hope your exam goes well; they really can be a bummer.
    Love the vintage looking suitcase by the way.



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