Monday, 25 October 2010

202.Wishes for more magical weather

Topshop dress and coat,vintage shoes

Recently the visuals for my outfit pictures haven't been the greatest(bedroom wall,back garden ect) , so seen as I have extra time on my hands I thought it would be fun to make a little video to showcase my new dress.It's a simple dress,but I really do love it-I haven't owned a dress in years,not because I dislike them or anything.

I hope you all enjoy it, as it was quite a pain to edit! I also froze whilst filming this.Love the weather was early this morning,and it was sunny but cold.Everything was glistening in dew,and it felt really magical being surrounded by the horses.Perfect wintery weather.

The music is Pas si Simple by Yann Tiersen from the Amelie soundtrack.
Ps....I'd love some feedback! ^.^


  1. The music is cute, like little fairies typewriting ^^
    you look happy and bemused by the world.
    love it when you eat the bramble in such a cute fashion, with that little dress in this magical weather.
    you should make videos more often, you are so lucky to live near such an amazing place.

  2. Beautiful, everything was perfect. I am in love with those Topshop dresses.

  3. i love amelie!! excellent selection. you're blog is always super cute. :)


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