Thursday, 21 October 2010

198.Wishes to stay busy

HALF TERM!! I cannot stop smiling.

Things I would like to get done/achieve/do:
-Eat Oreos.
-Draw,paint,write, and doodle in my little red book.
-Sort out my itunes.
-Do all my German,Textiles,Art,English and Maths homework.Hours and hours worth of it to be done.
-Go on a vintage haunt round the charity and vintage shops in my area.
-Tidy out my room once again.I'm not a very tidy person.
-Finish reading Jude the Obscure.
-Figure out my christmas budget-bahah,I'm boring.
-Realise I'm skint and possibly consider trying to get a job.
-Continue to customize my bedroom.
-Buy a wall map.
-Watch horror movies,and dress up creepy for halloween.
-Go to the sunday market and see if I can find any decent bric-a-brac in the jumble sales.
-Feed the horses.
-Go to York tommorow with my mum.
-Do something somewhat social,try not to be a complete loner.
-Do chores to earn some extra money.
-Bike rides!
-Go to the library.
-Persuade my parents to let me have a bonfire in the garden as part of my 16th birthday party.
-Look at possible college courses....bleugh.
-Feed the horses.

Ahhh,what an exciting life I lead....I think that list is rather ambitous though.I can only hope I get the majority of those things done.


  1. Right now, you have more to dos then me...

  2. lol sounds like my To Do list..

  3. check this out:

    dont get scared by the beginning.


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