Monday, 4 October 2010

192.Wishes for horses,cupcakes and cats

Heres a selection of photos from my saturday night.Charlotte came over and we had such a good time.
-Went to see the gypsy horses in the dark,and fed them carrots.
-Walked past a brothel on Anlaby road.
-Stroked two cats for literally 10 minutes.I actually need a cat for christmas,I love them too much.
-Baked cupcakes,whilst listening to Florence, Amelie soundtrack and the free CD I got at beasleys.
-Put flags in the cupcakes-they were japanese momijii cupcake cases and flags.Very cute.(I say cute too much I think)
-Talked and laughed for hours.
-Danced around,and took a gazzilion photos.
-Charlotte braided my hair in a fishtail looked pretty cool.

I love that I have a friend who does this sort of stuff...who doesn't think I'm weird or boring.It's nice to have someone who I have some common intrests with and doesn't make me feel like I just don't belong or something.

I really had so much fun.Summer has long gone for me now,and I'm happy to embrace the dark nights and cosyness now.I love the weather at this time of the year.I love the misty mornings,and the hot chocolate. I also love december,my favourite month of the year.

Also wanted to mention my new coat and shoes that I said I would show you guys. The coat is denim with the comfiest wool stuff inside.My shoes are pretty average black brouges,but I like their manly shape.
Finally,Charlottes shoes were her grandads and they were like hiking boots.Like them a lot....she seems to find so many great treasures in the attic!

See you!


  1. this is such a lovely post. i wish i lived somewhere with fields nearby so i could do such things, london tends not to have such adventure places!
    those cupcakes look delightful!
    you are so gorgeous sofie and your hair! goodness, i am so envious of your long shiny locks! they put my dry, thin stub of horridness to shame.
    friends and weekends like these are so wonderful xx

    ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ :D :D
    you made my heart make little dance and my brain made like a million more connections!
    A lovely post and you got amazing photos
    The flash gives it a messy wrong unnatural look which really works well in the dark of night. MYSTERIOUS + BEAUTIFUL.

  3. I absolutely love nights like these, makes me miss my best friend like crazy! There is seriously nothing in the world better than a cozy night with a good friend being silly and making treats :) and you are such a gorgeous girl, your hair has gotten so long, I love it!


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