Sunday, 24 October 2010

201.Wishes for feathers

Vintage shorts,Topshop top,random jewelrey-Slighty amusing expressions in the photos.

So heres the burgundy top I got in York the other day. It's the largets thing in my wadrobe(size 12,and 4 sizes too big for me), but I love it. It was the smallest size they had left in the sale, and at £8 I couldn't miss out. It has this really great feather/leaf swirly sort of pattern on it that hasn't come up too well in the photos.I also think I'm leaning toward the slighty(very slightly) gothic feel wearing my grandmas rosary(she probably wouldn't approve),and black eyeshadow.

As for today,it's been really great.I haven't done anything particularly exciting,but just waking up and not having school is making me happy.I also drew some cool pictures,got some textiles and german homework done,and watched Ugly Betty(yeah,I love that programme). Also with a lack of hot chocolate in the house,I have figured I like coffee.Mmm,coffee and oreos make me smile.


  1. I like the oversized shirt on you, and the burgundy looks great with your hair and complexion!
    I think those vintage shorts would look great with a chunky buttery golden-brown leather belt. :)

  2. your hair is so nice!
    i like the way this is styled, it's simple and effortless. lovely blog also!
    katy xxx


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