Saturday, 30 October 2010

206.Wishes for the shivers

So with all the halloween vibes going around, I'd thought I'd showcase these handmade pieces by blackmarketbaby <-----link to the etsy store.The prices are pretty reasonable,I think.

Ahhh, sheer and velvet are still my top fabric choices at the moment.It's a shame they don't sell anything decent at boyes in the haberdashry section, as I could go crazy on my sewing machine making stuff like this.

I'm going to a halloween party,which should be fun.Wont be hardcore partying I expect,but atleast I'll get to dress up and mess around with some friends.


  1. i love the top in the 3rd photo. have fun at the Halloween party! oh, i love your header. xx

  2. OMG this is how I found
    She is amazing!
    see the website?
    I wanted to buy this crop top from her store ^^
    plus jewelry


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