Tuesday, 22 February 2011

260.Wishes to go someplace interesting

The sound of Silence-Simon & Garfunkel

Not got much to say other than I bought this lovely with my topshop vouchers in Leeds yesterday. I had a hetic, but enjoyable day touring a couple vintage shops,eating cake,and marvelling at all the amazing architecture. Also bought some really groovy vintage earrings,they're green triangle studs with gold glitter inside them...will try take a photo of them soon.
p.s I saw some super cool black leather shorts with buckles and mesh material on the side of them in a vintage shop,but my mum thought they were "prostitutey". It's kind of difficult to go shopping with my mum,as she sometimes dissaproves of my bolder style choices.


  1. I have a vintage skirt with a quite similar print on it..
    And in answer to your question, I have been running my blog now for over a year and a half, and have a high number of pageviews. Therefore, I could legitimately apply for a press pass. Then, I applied to all the designers directly to get tickets. Its an arduous process, but it paid off. The party was through a friend.


  2. I love vintage shopping in Leeds! Which shops did you go to? There's a warehouse-looking vintage one called "Second Hand" by the train station which is really cheap and huuge :)x

  3. Hello there! I was very happy with your reaction, hope you are doing well.
    About my foodposts, sometimes I think I'd better make a foodblog, amazing how often I put photo's with my breakfast, lunch, (of vieruurtje,) or dinner on my blog :)
    Nigella inspired me for the rocky road, simple but delicious indeed.
    I also wanted to say I am still a big fan of your site, wishes will keep you going...
    Good evening
    poppy. x

  4. Yeah, make sure you go there:). I picked up a vintage Burberry Prorsum coat for £25 haha!
    I live in Halifax, which isn't too far from Leeds :) what about you? x


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