Sunday, 20 February 2011

259.Wishes to understand the weather

h&m jeans that I cut into shorts,vintage shoes,jacket and belt,old scout shirt

Cemetery Gates-The Smiths

Went for a walk up to the park and also to the wasteland to see the horses.By no means was this outfit appropiate,my fingers went blue and my eyes streamed in the wind. I do this often it seems...I don't really dress myself correctly for the weather,mostly because I rarely brave the outdoors. Cut up these shorts a few weeks ago,as I never wore them as jeans-too baggy for my liking.I have plans to customise the back pockets with flowers some time soon.I'm going to Leeds tommorow,which is pretty exciting- it seems I've been looking forward to it forever.

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  1. your hair is just so lovely! every time you do an outfit post I'm like wow! maybe add me on facebook: katy lewis hood. thankyou for commenting on my blog also xxx


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