Saturday, 19 February 2011

258.Wishes for an amazing camera

A failure of an outfit post,I realise. Ah well,just messing around with the camera I loaned from the art department at school. Planning on taking some photos for my self-image project later in the holidays,but just trying to grasp all the settings for the moment. It's a crazy cool camera,and is making me really wish I had it on permanent loan. I'm wearing 2 of my favourite blue shirt,and this wonderful jumper. There both hand me downs from my mum-I've realised that all my favourite items of clothing are things my mum has given me.

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  1. I disagree. An outfit post doesn't have to be perfect- the point is to show us what you wore, and that's what you did!
    I get tired of all of the people who take 20 different pictures of the same outfit and post them all thinking that they are in a model photoshoot. I love it when bloggers keep it simple and give a couple of angles/poses, and then move on to the post. :)
    I myself need a better camera too. Mine doesn't like to focus much and has to be held still for like 5 seconds in order to take a clear picture. I love your jumper, and your jeans too! They are a perfectly relaxed yet flattering fit. :)


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