Thursday, 17 February 2011

257.Wishes for some modern love

So The Clothes Horse posted a backstage video that she shot behind the scenes at the Suno show,and I couldn't help but have an orgy over these shoes.They are the most fabulous things.I was sort of meh about the clothing,until I had a proper look,and realised there were some really cool pieces.Really interesting patterns and shapes.I've been seeing bits and bobs from the different collections,but not had time to have a real good look. However it's half term...woooooh.Lets celebrate with some David Bowie and Wild Cherry....

Modern Love-David Bowie

Play that funky music-Wild Cherry

Gonna have lots of time to get a ton of stuff done.But for now,I think I may just have a house party on my own,as my parents are asleep,brothers out,and I'm incredibly awake.

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  1. I love those shoes - the style is distinctive yet they look as if they would be comfy to wear, I'd love a pair!


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