Monday, 7 February 2011

253.Wishes to be a ballerina

Haven't really got much to say,as I haven't done anything interesting recently(I've had flu over the weekend) other than watch the black swan. It was a really good movie,even if it put me on edge for 2 hours.I'm pretty wimpish when it comes to thrillers/ horrors,and generally watch them with hunched up knee's and partly closed eyes.The plot was filled with a lot of mind fuckery,but it still made sense.

All the ballet and costumes were so beautiful,and even if you don't like "scary" movies,it's worth watching just for the ballet. Dancing really facinates me...I always wanted to go to dance class when I was young,but never did because I was too shy and my parents couldn't really afford it. My first asspiration in life was to be a bus driver(I loved bus journeys for some odd reason),but after that I wanted to be a ballerina.
Next on my movie list is never let me go,which looks amazing.Anyways,going to make myself some more honey and lemon tea now,and watch some crappy afternoon tv.


  1. I want to see Black Swan! I'm sorry you're not feeling well :( Hope you're feeling better soon... that tea sounds delicious :) xx

  2. una de las mejores peliculas...
    es muy inspiradora...
    te sigo desde Chile :)

  3. I absolutely loved it, the costumes were stunning and Natalie was perfect. Never Let Me Go is on my list next too, Andrew Garfield is a babe! xx

  4. the black swan is on my list of movies i really need to see. thanks for the post! ps. hope you're feeling better soon. :)


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