Thursday, 6 May 2010

129.Wishes the conservatives don't win the general election

So I was pretty bummed today as I was supposed to have my braces removed-and was then told I had to keep them on for another 2 months.I'm growing increasingly impatient,which isn't the best.Well,atleast I got to take a full day of school for no reason.To cheer me up,I decided to do some online browsing and am in love with modcloth's and threadscence's ring collections.....

Alot of these seemed fairly affordable,until I checked out the international shipping prices-it's about an extra $20 on top, just to ship to th U.K! So I'm posing the question-does anybody know any British,affordable online shops they could reccomend? (other than Topshop?)


  1. These rings are really pretty. Want them!
    I don't want the conservatives to win the election either :/ <3

  2. ahh love the moustache ring, that's awesome!
    yeah liberal democrats ftw!
    and thanks for your comment :) no, i don't get paid lol! that would sort of ruin it i guess! xx

  3. Ugh, try living in the states with 8 years of Bush as President... double ick! I hate conservatives too, I'm too liberal for my own good :) What sites did you find these awesome rings at? Wish I was British so I could help you out. You should check out & see if you can find rings made by British designers. xx

  4. I don't live in the UK, but I love and !
    I don't kow if you know them already..

    Anyway, nice blog!

  5. amazing amazing rings! i want the one with the octopus...or the moustache.

  6. It's friend who is 23 has braces and still goes to the clubs. Everyone has braces these days so be lucky your young! You still look beautiful..and I love the first ring!

  7. You should try Really fun and colourful - and affordable!

  8. I loooove the deer ring. And I know about Modcloth, I just can't afford the postage over here!
    Boohoo is generally quite good, as are asos of course. And don't forget about ebay :)


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