Sunday, 16 May 2010

136.Wishes for some fangs

via Wildfox

I've always been kind of against t-shirts with big slogans written on them, probably due to "I'm a superstar" or "first class bitch" ect scarring me as a child. I just hated the big pink lettering and the tackyness. However, I super love this dress/tee from wildfox,not only for the slogan but the shape-shame it's like $80. I'm thinking this is an opportunity for a DIY...


  1. Totally agree on that one! Love the slogan :)

  2. Wildfox does create some cool tees.
    P.S. I drew your name as the Threadsence giveaway winner on my blog. E-mail me asap to claim your winnings! My e-mail is:

  3. "first class bitch" or "i´m a superstar" it has always been scaring me!:D
    adore the slogan.

  4. love wildfox ! :) if only i could afford it, lol


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