Monday, 24 May 2010

138.Wishes for some dandelion and burdock


Various photos from my weekend taken by me/Charlotte

You'll see in the last photo my friend Charlotte who I've mentioned a fair amount,but generally sticks to keeping behind the camera.

I had an uber busy weekend in the sunshine,and now feel pretty behind on schoolwork.All I'm thinking about is the half term and how it needs to arrive now.Impatient little me cannot wait another week....
I'm trying to keep my hopes up for everything,to keep going.Things are a little difficult at the moment...I do hate suckish moments.Good thing the sun has arrived or I could get really down.

I also wanted to say hello to all the new followers! I'm assuming most of the traffic has come via Rebecca of the clothes horse flashback friday post, in which I was featured among many other bloggers.Hello!


  1. Lovely pictures, and I'm very inspired by what you did with those primark plimsolls - I've seen it on other shoes but I love the look of those with the checkered ribbon.

  2. Beautiful pictures!:) The shoe laces look adorable haha :D

  3. oh my god, i LOVE the pictures!! each one looks magical. :)

  4. Very nice pictures. I especially love the shoes and the piano keys.

    Christy from Dress Rehearsal

  5. Finally I found out what dandelion means! I've heard the word for the first time maybe one year ago, I'd just bought an album of The Rolling Stones and one of their songs is called Dandelion, so I wondered what it could mean.. I always forgot to look it up in a dictionary, but now by your post I remembered I still didn't know how it's called in Dutch so I searched for the translation and it means 'paardebloem'! Never thought it would mean paardebloem. I swear :)
    Hugs. x

  6. like your shoes. and the pics

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  7. this is such a wonderful concoction of pics. really cool ambiance. love your blog!

  8. lovely pictures!
    great blog!
    following you =]
    feel free to follow me!

  9. Hi, I love your blog.

    I want to invite you to visit mine and become one of my followers, don't worry because I'll follow you too.


  10. hi Sofie,
    how are you?
    I adore these photos,they´re so dreamy and lovely♥

  11. love your blog! and you're so pretty, love your hair as well ;)

  12. Love your photos, love the videos (bat for lashes are amazing), love dandelions, love your hair...I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    Strange coincidence, the blouse you're wearing in the last photo is the same one I'm wearing right now :) H&M? Love it! haha


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