Sunday, 2 May 2010

126.Wishes to talk to a friend

Wearing-mums blue shirt,mums velvet cardigan,DIY tee,charity shop boots,H&M jeans

Today has been fairly busy(again with art homework),but I took some time out to bike down to boyes to look in the haberdashrey section.There aren't many places to buy fabric in Hull(and the 3 shops that do sell it,dont have particularly large selections).I was just going for a browse,to maybe get some inspiration for my textiles project at school but also to see what fabric is available to me for DIY projects-I really want to make a skirt for some obscure reason?

Sorry for the sullen expression in these photos....I'm not entirely sure why I look so sad? Possibly because the wind was chilling me to the bone,and I was on the look out for passers by.I generally take outfit photos in fairly private places...this street seemed pretty empty and abandoned,but still I was in the middle of the road. At one point I got so lost in what I was doing that I didn't notice a man walk by...and when he spotted me he looked utterly horrified.He walked past,and then continued to check behind his back at me-by this time I was taking random photos of the street to try to disguise what I had been doing. I then hurried to my bike,and got the hell out -feeling pretty stupid,and then even more stupid for being so overly bothered about other peoples opinions.

Okay,that was a bit of a randomly long babble....?
I also wanted to mention how versatile this shirt seems to work with everything and anything.Heres just a couple of examples on how I've styled it previously-
I love it when an item can be re-styled many times-it means you really get your wear out of the garment.

It seems I have written a miniture essay,so I'm going to head of the computer now and go talk to someone.I'm feeling abit unsocial,and I really feel the need to have a good long talk with a friend.So au revoir!


  1. i love the photo of you on the stairs. that man shouldn't have been bothered, sheesh. love the photos :) & p.s. where is your bike helmet? ;)

  2. love that DIY shirt!

    lovelove, M.

  3. Love the long ramble! And I love the outfit. Oh, isn't it funny too, how we care so much what strangers think? I try to tell myself: What do they know? Perhaps this is some sort of obscure university art project to take photos of myself. Yes, that's it.

    It makes me feel a LITTLE better. But I know what you mean. People should just get lost during photo op time!

  4. You hair looks great braided!

  5. haha i completely know what you mean! love the outfit xx

  6. Yeah It's from Princess Mononoke, joe hisaishi takes up alot of my iPod:')
    I love this post btw, I live and die in DIY tops, and im insanely jealous of your hair,


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