Wednesday, 5 May 2010

128.Wishes for a shredder

So do you guys remember this style stalker dress I posted....
And how much I loved it? Well,I thought I could combine the diagonal triangle/wing shapes with a shredding tutorial I read,to make a super cool top.The product was.....
Yeah...basically that's a bundle of shredded crap,that kind of turned out to be a failure.I did it on the back,and that meant it didn't fit correctly and collapsed and yada yada yaa. So instead I decided to follow the tutorial to the letter,and make a more basic top......

I think I might keep on shredding it a bit more, but I'm not entirely sure-I'm pretty darn happy with it(even though I will inevitabley get comments of "do you know thats see through?" "you can see your bra" ect from my family).Anyways, if you want to have a go yourself, the tutorial is here


  1. This is amazing, I tried to shred tops before and I always seem to fail...
    How long did it take you?:) I can imagine it taking aggges,
    &&thank you for saying that about my hair! I wanted it fully died but they said it wouldnt look right and I was like, fiiine but you better be able to tell the difference, just need it to grow super long nowww

  2. That shredded tee turned out pretty good :)
    I love the color of your hair - its amazing. Wish i could have hair like that. but it'd definitely look horrible with my skin tone haha!


  3. I am going to do this RIGHT NOW. Amazing!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  4. i LOVE this!! i'm totally going to try it. :)

  5. i love this sofie! x

  6. I once tried this, got about an inch done and then got bored. You must have serious patience!

  7. i love the black mini dress, its awesome. keep shredding it and see what you get. i agree i had no patience to do this.


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