Saturday, 8 May 2010

130.Wishes for a bright Sunday

Last weekend my mum suggested buying me a new coat for spring/autumn,which I was pretty excited about.However I always struggle with decisions-and find myself torn between two styles.Though I am very much in love with vintage/vintage inspired clothing,I don't like looking so overly cute and quaint.I do like edgier styles too-leather,studs ect.This is a problem when buying a staple item,as I have to choose between the two.I thought it would be best to go for something vintage styled so it would work well with my satchel(the bag that never comes off my shoulder).
So when I saw this Topshop beauty I couldn't have been happier.The price was a hefty £70,which is more than my mum has ever spent on any item of clothing for me.I did pay £18 towards it myself though,as I couldn't not have it.
I feel like such a rich kid,when people ask me how much it was-it's a really weird feeling,and I'm not used to it at all.
Anyways,here's the photos.....

I have been feeling much brighter this week,and really feeling happier about things.I don't know whats caused this sort of euphoria-possibly the fact I only had 3 days of school/blossom has been falling from the trees like snow/it's been sunny?Maybe it's just a combination of these things,but I have a suspicion it's just something else.Something inside me has made me feel fresh,and bright again.I know my way of writing is fairly simplistic-but it's never felt simple in my head.
Anyways,I made this just because new clothing makes me twirl around....

Have a bright Sunday everyone!


  1. That coat is really nice, I love the duffle fastenings, they're my favourite things ever!

    I got the cloud material from hobbycraft, I'm so glad it opened in Hull, I can seriously just spend hours and hours in there!
    Also, if you're looking for a sewing machine, mine was pretty cheap as far a sewing machines go. It's mini, and its not super high tech like the ones at school - just does you standard zig zag and straight stitch, but it suits me. It's also a awesome shade of baby pink which makes me love it more. It was from John Lewis, and I think it comes in red and blue too :)

  2. what a gorgeous coat!
    i think ill get one just like it when the weather cools down.
    cant wait!

  3. you are so pretty! i love the coat and your hair. oh my... ;)


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