Friday, 19 August 2011

300.Wishes to save the turtles

1. My new tights from h&m that are really quite amazing,but really hard to pair with anything.
2.We recently got a load of old lp's from a friend,and I love the cover of this one.It's french folky sort of music,so good.

And a few random musings....
1.I'm going to London this weekend,and am dreadfully excited!
2.I wanted to say thank you very much to anyone who asked me a question for my vlog in the last post(made me smile a lot). It will be a little while untill I get it done,so if you do still have any questions,then fire away in the comments section below.
3. I recently heard about an event called snapperfest- it appears to be a barbaric festival in which people torture turtles. So,if you want to sign the online petition to end it then go here

Sorry for such a hap hazard post,I just had so many little things to say(as usual!)


  1. :O I was so chocked about the turtles!! How can people do something like this?! Thank you for sharing. I already signed the petition, and I tweeted about it to. I also added a widget to my blog. I just really want people to know.
    And I really like your tights. I´m guessing they would look great with a little black dress :)

  2. cute tights! have fun in london :-)

  3. Looove the tights! and omg that turtle thing is terrible I am going to look at it after I comment!!

  4. I have similar tights and I loveee them but sadly I never found a proper outfit to wear them with :(
    yours are lovelyy though.
    A vlog would bo so cool! my question is whats your favorite book and why, and also if you had to live anywhere other than ebgland where would it be?
    that turtle thing is awful, signed the petition :S
    Have fun in London, soo jealous :P

  5. nice blog!!!

    We love it

    xhajar et mounia


  6. ps. no that wasn't me, I haven't been in London for a few weeks - how funny!


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