Wednesday, 3 August 2011

292.Wishes for more teeth jewelry

3 necklaces I recently made, from left to right-

1.This is just a lump of fools gold I bought on a day at the seaside,and with a bit of wire and ribbon created the necklace.
2.Yes, that is one of my own teeth-and yes I think it looks imensly groovy.This was a fiddly job, which tested my patience quite a few times, but I'm really pleased with the result.
3.This is just some random stone I picked up over a year ago on a school trip, vowing that I'd turn it into a necklace. Finally done so, and I think it's a nice memento to remind me of that day.



  1. When can we buy 'em? ^^ hehe
    I just love this series of necklaces!
    And it's so cute how they all have a tale to tell.

  2. my teeth obsession is unhealthy omg that necklace is divine


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