Thursday, 4 August 2011

293.Wishes for a tarantula

So many things have been inspiring me lately-outfit wise/DIY wise and such,so I figured I'd note it all down on the ol' blog. Gonna be in two parts,because it's a large amount of stuff for you all to handle in one evening...
TarantulaSisters etsy for selling such amazing vintage items.I'm spending an unhealty amount of time sifting through their collection of items, generally lusting over all the pretty gothic,grunge and girly (check out my alliteration skills) items,whilst loathing the shipping prices.
Ursina Gysi for that amazing dyed maxi,and those amazing heart motif boots.
Sparkly tops!!Who could ever resist a sparkly top!
Checks/tartans worn in sort of unexpected/unusual ways-I have a particular love for Christines(of christeric) long checkered skirt,hopefully a DIY is in store.
Georgina Frost for generally looking badass.

Wishes, Sofie


  1. This is such a good inspiration post!! and also creepy because I have many of these photos saved!! I love Georgina frosts style she is awesome and so is Ursina Gysi!!

  2. tarantula sisters are the best, i buy from them all the time (shipping doesn't suck so much as i live in canada woo!) you should check out Ovate. it's Audrey Cantwell's (tarantula sisters is her shop) clothing line i love it, i'm obsessed.


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