Friday, 12 August 2011

297.Wishes for you to vote

Skirt handmade by me,Topshop shoes,h&m cardigan and top,mums vintage necklace

I have a bit of a mixed opinion on this outfit-yes,the items complement each other-but somehow I don't feel very "me".I always find this quite a odd feeling,to not feel yourself in your own clothing;It is even odder when you don't believe you have a particularly definitive style.

I have two walls covered in inspirational pictures and photos in my bedroom,the one I'm stood in front of was created recently,whereas the other hasn't been tampered with in a long time-many of the images remain the same as when I first stuck them up(don't worry,I am trying to form some sort of point,not just babble on about my walls). When I look at that old wall I almost feel as if I'm looking right back into the past,not too far,but far enough to see the changes in my style. That again is an odd feeling. And that is almost the same feeling I get when looking at the above outfit pictures;I see them as a representive of the old me,I think.

On a last note,if you're not aware of the amazing blogger Isabel(of hipstermusings),then you may not be a aware of the competition she has entered,and not being aware of this is a bad thing. I demand you all to vote for her here! Or if you're not a fan of dictatorships,you could just vote for her because you think interesting,inspiring media is important.


  1. Love the tights+shoes mix
    Well the colours to be more precise.
    However I think the skirt, top and bra should go and be replaced by some modular bra/crop with the straps sporting the lovely plum like colour of your shoes. Ahhh apricot jam.
    perfect colours-
    Yay vote-y vote vote!
    Is the past better?

  2. i love this mix of colors.
    i have the same h&m cardigan (it's the organic cotton one), and i think that this shade of blue goes perfectly with grey, red shoes are a final touch ;)
    and a nice skirt you made there :)


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