Thursday, 4 August 2011

294.Wishes to understand human behaviour

So,here comes part 2 of what's been inspiring me lately,you ready? Breath in...

Vianne in the movie chocolat,for her generally colourful asthetic and all her cardigans and skirts.

Vivian and Kit in Pretty Woman for their hooker outfits.

These 2 images just for looking efortlessly cool in that unobvious "hey,I look like I've just dropped out of bed,but really have spent 3 hours perfecting my cool look" -no personal stabs intended.

Bjork just for her always amazing hair,and interesting outfits,music, and general persona.

Even though Enid is obviously more interested in her style,I have quite a liking towards Rebeccas short black skirt and long top combinations. No digs at Enid(yes,I know she is a fictional character and will not be hurt by my comment) ,as I think her style is groovy too.
Izzy(All swamped in flowers) and Paolina(Calur Villade) for being my recent favourite bloger finds,and for all their creative outfits.


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