Saturday, 13 August 2011

299.Wishes for questions

UO Vintage renewal dress,next hat,vintage scarf and bag,mum's velvet cardigan,Office shoes,random bracelet,earrings and tooth necklace made by me

All Day and all of the night-The Kinks

I feel pretty jazzy(excuse my cringe worthy adjective) in this outfit,though the people of my area didn't seem to take to well to it on my walk today.I can deal with the constant staring,but hollers of "Oi Mary Poppins!" and such really do push my patience.Seen as you're all groovy people,how do you react to this sort of abuse?

I'd also like to say that I hit 100 followers(thank you,lovely blogosphere people!) a loooong time ago,and never propally celebrated. So,in all good blogger spirit I've decided to do a vloggity vlog,and for this I need your help. I need something to talk about so I'd love if you could ask me some questions in the comments below, for me to answer in my vlog. And if I don't get any questions,I'll most likely cry in a corner,so you know,my emotional state depends on you.


  1. VLOG!!!!
    How to deal with it? Ignore it and eventually your ears will not pick up such idiotic waves, only a slight hum will remain.

    Why are you so sexy?
    Your main sources of clothing?
    What do you usually do at 8:33pm?
    What was the last movie you watched? what did you think?
    What happens after death?
    What is the average amount of words you say in a day? (excluding days socializing with friends)
    Do you spend anytime at all playing on computer games?
    Why did you want to start a vlog?
    Are you scared that we are from an era consumerism?
    Do you read any magazines?
    Favorite color?
    Do you use dental floss?

  2. You look soooo amazing!!! I really love your look :)

  3. Love your look, that's such a lovely dress xx

  4. ignore the ignorant douche bags! you look fabulous, I would be the person in the street coming to you and asking where you got your dress


  5. ignore them! your look adorable and i love your dress! In fact, I'm pretty sure you look nothing like Mary Poppins, but even if you did, its not necessarily a bad thing, is it? :D love your blog btw.

    would love it if you popped over and visited my blog and maybe followed? :D


    Meena ♥

  6. I'm in love with your outfit, love the blue dress. You really remind me of Jane Asher, the style, the hair! Thanks for the comment, and I've got a new post up! Izzy xo

  7. Don't pay attention to the haters, they're just jealous that they constantly look like shit... trust me. Anyway, your dress is absolutely adorable.

  8. I think this outfit looks brilliant, ignore those idiots!
    Regarding the show, the zines in the library aren't for sale, but most of the makers do sell their zines online for quite cheap. But tatty do sell a couple of zines though
    Enjoy the show and have fun in London!

    ps. my question is - if you had to buy your clothes from only one shop, which would it be and why?


  9. I love your blog and your style!

    I usually turn around and smile or even wink, when someone is bold enough to holler after me.
    That's the kind of reaction which is usually not expected!

    My question is:
    What do you want to do when you graduate from school/college?


  10. you are beyond lovely. i'm so glad to have found your blog! and i can't believe anyone yelled at you about this outfit-- people are jerks.

    a q:
    what is your favorite place?

  11. love love LOVE your outfit - the dress is adorable!!
    cute blog by the way, following >.<

    some qs: who cheers you up after a stressful day?
    best pet?
    favourite season?


  12. Well, you may have been hollered at, but it was surely worth it - as the photos look great.
    Question: do you have any red-headed/ginger heroes or heroines?

  13. Do you know what you want as a career,
    Do you have a tumblr?


  14. I try to ignore such people as good as possible. Some times ago someone shouted "Hey, carnival is already over!" It always hurts a bit, but I always keep in mind, that these people obviously aren't even brave enough to wear something unusual in public.
    And I love your outfit. If I saw you in this outfit on the street I would put out my phone and secretly take a pic (I do that from time to time...I'm to shy and awkward to ask for permission...)

  15. I know hooow you feel, I get stares a bit here and there and comments and I dnt even think what Im wearing is never that wierd? Society is wierd be happy your not conforming!! I love the outfit, loving white tights atm! I want to ask you what/who are your style inspirations?

  16. Ignore arrogant people when they crap! They don't know what fashion is. You totally rock that outfit. xx


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