Sunday, 22 May 2011

280.Wishes to keep crafting

I've been meaning to do a post showing you all some of the crafty things I did in my last holiday(it it under a week till my next holiday and then only another week of school,oh my jeezzzz mehdulfu,whoooo).So here goes....

Just a basic fabric tube I made,with a press stud.Acts as a great choker,plus reminds me of cat collars if I wear it with this little heart charm that I ripped off some other necklace.

Two pairs of earrings-found these gems whilst sifting through my beadbox,and just fixed them on to some earring hooks with my jewelry plyers.
Just some carboard designs I made,covered in plastic-ey stuff(sorry for my terrible describing skills),and then badge pins stuck to the back.I like the heart one the most,it's super cool.I love mixing vintage girly looking stuff with black-this looks awesome pinned to my black velvet cardigan(plus the backs of these are all painted gold,very cool)
Painted and flowered up my door name plaque.

Finally,this necklace.The glass cat charm was part of a keyring I found in between the seats of my car(such a cool place to find things)-the keyring soon feel apart but I wanted to save the charm. So with some glue,wire,gold paint and carboad I constructed the little loop.Finished it by threading it to a chain that I earlier took apart.

If you put up with my dreadful photos and describing skills then you're awesome.English Literature exam revision to continue.


  1. Very cute! Especially the cat necklace. :)

  2. so so lovely

  3. the necklace reminds me that movie with Natalie Portman when she was a teen...


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