Tuesday, 3 May 2011

273.Wishes for a lipstick rainbow

I'm probably really late on discovering limecrime make up,but oh well. How amazing is this lipstick rainbow? Such bright shades,you could wear a different colour every day,and scare onlookers with your weird eye popping lippy.funfunfun. Back to school tommorow....atleast it's only a 3 day week to ease me in.

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  1. Those blue ones make me think about'Inferno', a mysterious film with Romy Schneider (do you remember Sissi?) where she also gives electric blue kisses :)
    To answer your question about one of my photos: it's an experiment with little pieces of paint .I thought it looked very poetic. But this is only the beginning, maybe you'll find out the rest of it later !
    Have a nice evening Sofie-Marie, and wear those colours every day :D
    P. x


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