Friday, 6 May 2011

274.Wishes to be a kinderwhore

So I've probably been spending unhealthy amounts of time reading about tons of people and places and styles from the past the last couple of nights.Past generations always interest me,all these lives...I think my mind romanticises it all to a point that it becomes some infinite amazing thing.Why is our generation so shitty?
Anywho,been reading about Kat Bjelland,brat pack movies(I'm hoping this weekend to watch pretty in pink and sixteen candles;as I've mentioned before on this blog,I have a love affair with 80's O.T.T movies),Sid and Nancy,the Kinderwhore style,Courtney Love/Hole, and feminist icons.All inspiring good vibes(okay,not so much from Sid and Nancy,sort of depressing really).
I am now going to write up a revision time table,something I've been refusing to do for a while.I hate the thought,but being terribly un-organisedand lazy about revision,I figured it was about time.

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  1. i met lori barbaro at a bar one time (my husband knew her back when she was in babes in toyland). she was really nice & let me act like a nerdy fangirl & she even posed for a picture with me.
    i also went to a party one time at the house where courtney love lived when SHE was in babes in toyland (pre-hole). hehe, i love my city


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