Sunday, 8 May 2011

275.Wishes to be an Andie

So I watched Pretty in Pink,and would have liked to do an outfit inspired by Andie,but don't have access to a camera.Sucks.Instead,I'll try provide some "deep",thoughtful commentary on the coolness of this film....
wooh at big swishy skirts

Really like the huge black jacket over this dress

The bowler hat and scarf combination is wonderful.Always wanted a black bowler hat,this has just induced more craving.

yay at little references to the smiths throughout this movie

granny chic

I so need to sew lace onto my cardigans
This outfit reminded me a little of an old photo of my mum,being a fellow red head who at one time had a cool perm.

Okay this is the bit were I get all "deep". So I could totally relate to this movie for some ,and the character Andie for the following reasons:-
1.Yeah,Andie is a red head.and if you didn't already know,I am too.
2.Andie likes fashion,sewing, thrifting and vintage-all that good stuff.
3.Andie feels to some extent a social outcast.
4.Andie is sort of poor. I know it sounds whiny,but I'm not particulary rich(don't get me wrong,I'm VERY grateful for what I have),yet go to a somewhat rich kid school,and you sort of feel those rich/poor boundaries.

Mainly what I liked was Andie's bravery to just wear what the fuck she wants. Recently,I got criticised by a friends friend,somebody I hardly know.Her criticism on my looks/taste saddened me a little,to feel that kind of hatred towards someone you've not even spoke to was sort of depressing.I'm not terribly naive to believe that everyone is happy families,gets along cheeringly-I've had this sort of abuse before. It was more so,because this girls insults were not general flippant things(ie ginner,freak,or staring meanly at your clothing),but we're quite focused on my taste for vintage and other personal traits. Girl hate is a sad destructive thing.

Anywho,I do trip up at times with my insecurity "issues"(don't worry,I'm not really unconfident,except with talking to new people) . I remember last non-uniform day I completely changed my choice of outfit,and wore something what I felt was less daring,because I was scared of comments.This isn't something that happens too often with me,but I'd like that feeling to never be there.So I want to push boundaries, and be as brave as Andie.The most important thing I tell myself is you've only got one life,why waste it being a slave to others opinions.

Plus,the blogosphere is also a super inspiring place of people expressing themselves like Andie,which is very cool.
p.s Duckie is Awesome too!


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  2. Lovely photos :)
    You're right you dont need to pay attention to other people's comments concerning the way you dress. Especially whne these comments come from people with zero taste or self esteem, as it happens most of the times.
    And i wish i was as daring and fun and unique as my favorite movie character, but it's hard to look like them, since they only exist in movies

  3. Goodevening!
    Oh pretty in pink, a film I really like :) . Please do not bother about your English, I mean, YOUR English? As a Dutchspeaking person who tries to be understandy in what she writes and says herself, I do understand everything you say very well. We speak the same language a little bit :)
    My fish is called Prins. I got him as a present from my best friend last year, when I moved out. Suddenly she stood in front of me when I opened the door with this big fishbowl with Prins in it. I was very very happy with my new friend, and I still am.
    Succes with your creative acts inspired by Andie!
    (which is a cool name for a girl I think)
    P. x

  4. i love that movie! especially duckie
    and you're right girl hate is the worst


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