Wednesday, 11 May 2011

276.Wishes for a rucksack

So whilst in Leeds I discovered these really cool canvas rucksacks by BAGGU.I love rucksacks(in year 7 I used to tie ribbons round the straps of my rucksack and sew on little patches),yet only own one...I'd love one of the above plus a nice leather vintage one.I can't wait till sumer,maybe I'll try tie dying some fabric and crafting my own.I have so many crafty projects lined up for summer,which will be superly imense.


  1. ahhh sofie why did you have to share this link??? i reallly want one now! not sure whether to go for tiedye or plain hmmm xx

  2. I want to replace my backpack for something a little more cool than a Jansport. I want to grab an Alexander Wang one because I feel in love with one at Barney's. ^^

  3. love those kind of rucksacks.
    how are you?

  4. ooou very nice, i like the ribbon and patches idea that seems fun. rucksakcs are the best, however, like the cool kid version of a backpack

  5. those are super cute!!! i'll have to check out their website & see if they deliver to the US. :)


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