Saturday, 21 May 2011

279.Wishes for fairies and blood

So I went prom dress shopping today. Scary.I don't get the hype over this event,and am looking forward far more to the party afterwards,rather than the event. So we eat and dance ,celebrate our secondary school years, and get sentimental over the fact that tons of people I never really got to know are leaving. No big deal. But hey ho,I'm going along with the tradition.

Back to the dress....I detest prommy prom dresses.I detest those tacky sequiny horrible things,that poof,and cost stupid amounts of money.I knew it would be hard to find something my sort of style,that was still "acceptable".Luckly I've found something today,thats quite wonderful,but a little girly-something that I find sort of cringe worthy(except if its girly in the obvious over the top sickly creepy pink,and lace sort of way). I can't really culminate the vibes I want to give off in words so......

The thing I like the most about my dress is that is makes me think of dusty vintage wedding dresses hidden away in attics.So the theme to go with this would be delicate white flowers,crimson lipstick,fairies and blood. Achieving this feel will be next to impossible. oh well.


  1. yes, show it to us!
    i have major issues with formal/party dresses- i love casual dresses, but anything formal is either too plain/"LBD" or much to shiny and fussy


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