Sunday, 26 September 2010

190.Wishes to discover a secret garden

Todays been good.I watched the secret garden and drank cherryade.I also tidied my room and the sorts....
I love the secret garden,even if it's sort of childish.It's such a great story,and so nicely filmed.I love the scene were they all chant round a fire and try to cast their own magic.
I'm writing this whilst doing maths homework....I get distracted easily,particularly when I'm stuck with the questions,and am just confused.Maths is most definatley the worst subject.

Went shopping yesterday,and got me a coat and some shoes.Love them very much,and I'll try get some pictures soon.Sorry that this is a boring post.... :/


  1. coatcoatcoat!
    sounds super exciting xx

  2. I love this movie! & the book is great too. i always thought finding a secret garden would be really neat :) & i HATE maths to this day, i was never good at it. xx

  3. oh my god, i LOVE this movie!!! it was so beautifully shot. i was in 4th grade when it came out and i remember buying one of the lead in books & reading it over and over and over. :)


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