Saturday, 11 September 2010

183.Wishes to jump

Various photos from my last week of the summer visiting Cambridge and Leeds.After 3 days back and a pile of homework summer seems oh so far away.

It's not all doom and gloom,I guess. Yesterday I went to the Freedom Festival in my town of Hull.Hull is not renowed for it's large scale events,and not many big acts turn up. I did spend half the day with friends,in the rain having fun,however not enjoying the rather crappy selection of music on a large TV screen(we couldn't get anywhere near the stage). Later me and charlotte saw the Foals,which was so much better.We got up so close and had an amazing time.By this time it was dark,so the atmosphere was imense and the Foals were no dissapointment live. I'm so pleased I went and it was all free! whooooo.I would have never been able to go if there had been a fee.


  1. cambridge and leeds look so gorgeous, i'd love to go there! and that bike :O wow.
    lovely post and envious of you getting to see the foals play! xx

  2. I thought these beads were sweet ^^ so cute.
    Oh and those awesome clothes love love love!!!! and bike!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so pretty.

  3. I know what you mean about summer disappearing - I've had a small avalanche of homework too!
    I like the beads picture - I love looking through all those brightly colored rows. They remind me of sweets on display.
    Thanks for the lovely comment.

  4. when i was lookin through these pics I thought you were going to say you had been to venice or somewhere like that! Can't believe this were taken in the uk!!
    Rianna xxx


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