Wednesday, 22 September 2010

188.Wishes to buy cake

An excerpt from my tumblr

The other day in form we were given a booklet to fill in about our personal development.I really hate those sort of things. One page asked what our future plan was.It had a section about our other ambitions in which I wrote travel the world,eat cake and various other unserious things.It also asked how we could achieve this,and who could help answers were buy a cake,and a bakery. I really really hate those questions. Why do they make us write about that? Why do they care?

I don't know what I want to do with my future,and honestly find it too frightening to think about. I dream a lot about Paris,travelling,relationships, future homes ect.....however,it always occurs to me "what if I fail?".I mean who says I wont. Who says I wont have a failure of a life? And why are the school pressurising me to write this shit. We are constantly expected to give ourselves targets,constantly given expectations, and predicted grades.I really don't think it helps. I'm not going to write,I will do all my homework and get A*'s,and that will make my future easy and happy.Because it wont.

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  1. i remember those types of questions we had to answer in school. it started back in middle school, 8th grade (around the age of 13 or 14.) We had to pick a job that we might be interested in & make a phone call to interview someone in the profession. i hated that. i had no idea what the hell i wanted to do. how many years of schooling do you have left? :)


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