Friday, 24 September 2010

189.Wishes for bright skies

Ask-The Smiths

Northern Sky-Nick Drake

I'm feeling a bit weird again.I've been feeling a sense of loss a lot.Loss of myself,loss of certain friendships,loss in my family,loss of simplicity. It's like nostalgia,but twisted into sadness. I also feel terribly self absorbed and guilty with every moment of sadness/anger.
Just enjoy the music and don't read.
p.s: I was going to do a post on this cool collection,but couldn't get the images.And is not co-operating.I'll try figure it out....I'm one of the rare teens that doesnt own a phone or laptop,so maybe that accounts for my lack of technical-ness or whatever.hum?

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  1. Seriously, you don´t own a cellphone?! Oh wow, I thought I was the only one!
    It´s nice to know you are not alone.
    Love that Smiths song by the way.



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