Wednesday, 24 March 2010

99.Wishes to find a panda

So for all us "nerdy" bookreaders,I decided to do a little book review...
A friend lent me this and it was a pretty enjoyable read.It was more of a teenage novel,and I felt it was a little too simply wrote.I felt the writer could have used a lot more techiniques to make the book more magical,and less obvious.From start to finish,I pretty much predicted the plot.

It's a book which covers themes of love,afterlife,religion and different situations between 2 very different families. I wasn't too keen on the religious ideas being someone who's very sceptical about those matters.I didn't like the idea that the characters went to heaven or something similiar.The ending was a bit of a lentdown.

Saying that it was an easy read and quite gripping for reasons I can't explain.And like my friend said "It has a pretty cover!"....which is very true! I would reccomend it if you can get past all the religious "nonsense", and would like an interesting easy read.

I just finished chocolat this weekend and it was a fabulous read.Before I even picked up the book,I had seen the movie atleast 5 times and it happens to be a favourite flick of mine.Sometimes I find it difficult to read a book already knowing the basic plot from the movie,but if there is enough variation then it's fine.And with chocolat there was....the film and book are incredibly different.

The characters are much more developed(you really get a insight into there minds),and quite different to how they are portrayed in the movie.The book was just as(or even more) magical than the film,and a incredibly intriguing read.It really does capture life in a french village,with all its quaintness,stuborness and traditions.

I would write a little plot summary,but am finding it quite difficult to put it into words,without just telling you the whole story;so I guess you just have to read the book to find out!

I would most definatley reccomend it to anyone,even if you've seen the film and I cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel.

So my next reading mission should hopefully be "The Hunger Games",which my friend is going to lend me which sounds pretty interesting.Finally, I ask a little favour.My easter holidays are soon approaching,and I'd like to find a couple of books to keep me entertained.Are there any books you could reccomend? I'm really into all anything at all!

PS...oh know,my dashboard tells me I have written 100 posts,but my wish number says 99! This is the actual 100th post....but I'll celebrate it in my next post.I must have miscounted with my wishes!

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  1. I liked the religion ^^
    but not the heaven bit at the end......she should of turned out to be God tehe


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