Monday, 29 March 2010

102.Wishes for that sleepy eyed look

Jeans H&M,Top H&M,Jacket Mango(except I bought it from a charity shop),Shoes Etsy,Random ribbon in hair

Todays been pretty good.I cleaned the majority of my room,and have spent the rest of the day reading.This evening though I felt the need for some fresh air in my lungs,so decided to walk to the nearby field.The front part is very tamed with football posts and cut grass-however,I've always preffered the area that is concealed by a large fence.However,a gap made by vandals means theres acces to it.

The back area is far more rugged with long grass,bramble bushes,muddy trails and sometimes the odd gypsies horse.I was trying to go for an almost eerie mood in these photos to suit the eerie misty weather and was fairly pleased with the outcome considering I don't think I'm too great with the camera.

I did try and get more shots with the horses,but as soon as I advanced close to them they began walking my way.I've heard enough stories about them charging towards my friends to remind myself to steer clear.They are truly beautiful graceful creatures,but they are also powerful.Shame I didn't have any carrots to tempt them with.

Tommorow looks to be a great day as Charlottes coming over....


  1. these are lovely!! i like the lighting & setting. you look great! :)

  2. that 3rd picture is so amazing.
    It's got like a magical thing going on.


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