Tuesday, 16 March 2010

97.Wishes for you all to be ATHIEST.....! ^^

So had a pretty busy weekend,and on Saturday I did abit of shopping.Here are my purchases....

Dry Shampoo! Jesus in a can....it works miracles!

These earrings from Accesorize were only £3.50.

Finally,this skirt I bought with my gift vouchers at Topshop-£25.It's abit difficult to see from the photos,but its a pastel green(I have seriously developed a fetish for pastel shades).I cannot wait to incorporate this into some outfits and hope to show you guys the result.I also got some more white tights(not wooly ones!),which were not easy to find.Bought from Dorothy Perkins(a shop I looked in for sheer desperation at finding new tights,and suddenly got lucky) for £5.

In other news,I am currently on work experience at......PUMPKIN PATCH.How glamorous?! It's my own fault really for not organising my own placement,so I didn't expect much.I feel in a complete whirl as if I'm on holiday,and I have to keep reminding myself that I still have another week of school to suffer before the easter holidays.It's just these late mornings that are confusing me. does any of this make sense,as I haven't really been ordering my thoughts/words? I think I'm just going to say:
Night night


  1. dry shampoo is amazing. :) those earrings & the skirt are super cute. what great finds!

  2. Oh, it is so nice to get good deals, hey? Excited to see you style that skirt!

    Also, do you really wish for us all to be Atheists? As a Christian I suppose I should wish for everyone to be Christians. And I do, in a way, but also I think that would make life a lot less interesting. ;-)

  3. Sofie what is ment by your post title.........
    yes it's the best of the best! I should know...

  4. thanks so much for your sweet comment. does dry shampoo really work? I wanna try it some time. It's annoying when I wake up and only the roots of my hair are icky and I barely have time to shower. Maybe I'll try that stuff considering its Jesus hahah. Anyway, love the "geek" post below. super fun :)


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