Saturday, 6 March 2010

93.Wishes for some lace

I dont really know where I'm going with this,and what my status really is(in refrence to my blogging appearances).I think I'm back(with a vengence! haha),but I'm a little undecided.Let's just say posts may be less regular than before,for the good of my grades and my life really.I don't want to be overly engulfed or to end up feeling that blogging is tiresome.It's not meant to be that way,its just meant to be spontaneous and fun.

Enough of the boring stuff,and over to the above pictures from Vogue Italia.Thats pretty much all I know about them, there taken from Vogue Italia (march 10,I think?) and obviously it's Freja Beha.I stumbled upon them and they have a vintage feel,and are lacy,and interesting,and gothic,and mysterious,and strange,and fun,and dark,and smokey,and the jewelrey,and the headpieces,and the fur,and black and white, and the poses,and nude,and gloves,and sad,and beautiful, and blurry,and dramatic, and confused, and I wish I could read Italian and I think thats enough said.I'll shut up now.
See you some time.

Plus- I found out that WHSmiths now sell Pop,Love,i-D,Dazed and Confused,French Vogue,Vogue Italia ect.They probably did before but I've never noticed.It made me squeel.Untill I saw the prices!Well,I might fork out money for one each month,and then be able to decide my prefered one.


  1. Just passing through! I see on your profile page though that you like indie music, you might enjoy my blog...

  2. Waaaaa my still-strong love for lace!
    beautiful post glad you are back.

  3. These photos you have posted ARE very inspiring, I love the head pieces these women are wearing!


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