Sunday, 21 March 2010

98.Wishes for the easter holidays and more sunshine

Another weekend gone by,filled with failures.I keep setting these targets,and then never following through...never completing the tasks I set out to do.It's driving me a little crazy,that I never am productive enough and can spend hours doing pointless trivial things.I am such a time waster,I might as well be eating time up itself.

At the moment I am questioning even writing these posts,were I just complain like some complete teenage dramatic.As if there isnt enough pain in the world already....I mean the sheer amounts people go through,just makes my sadness seem trifle and that theres no justification for me even getting hung up on my own issues.Following that theme this post was meant to be atleast a tiny bit epic,and well you'll see it's not at all. Sooo this weekend I....


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  1. i LOVE this post
    very cool!
    and so sad fresh prince doesn't come on :/
    i see it every now and then, they sell the season dvds on amazon lol

  2. saddened by

  3. hehe, this was a cute post. i love the way you listed everything ("watched, wore, listened to, etc"). also, harry potter is the best. forever. ♥
    thank you for reading & commenting on MY blog. :D

  4. I love your posts. I think you are a very creative and intelligent and beautiful person! I wouldn't worry so much about getting things done. I don't think it is a useful, true, or even helpful way to live life! I know, I've been like that for 28 years and I am trying to be different!

    Life isn't a competition or race or I don't know, to do list. It looks like you had a beautiful and fun weekend! And I LOVE your outfit. Anyway, I think you're great and I only know you via your blog. So in person you must be stupendous!


  5. haha yum :) oreos
    love your outfit

    x Courtney

  6. I spent the whole of last summer reading Chocolat, I actualy have that edition as well. The book made me want to eat posh choclates though, only down side.


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