Friday, 29 April 2011

271.Wishes to spend more days smiling

Yesterdays purchases:Reconstructed vintage dress and little pink dotty socks from UO,Inscence from a cute oriental shop,Erland and the Carnival CD plus the dude in the shop gave me a free CD both from Jumbo Records(such a groovy shop!),and jeans from Topshop

So Leeds was mega awesome,but unfortunatley I took no pictures.We had such a wonderful time..eating double chocolate cake,shopping,missing trains by 2 minutes,sifting through vintage clothing,talking about random shit,and drinking hazelnut hot chocolates.The day made me so happy(I still think I'm really lucky to have such an amazing friend),the thought of having to go back to school soon is pretty torturing.


  1. oh i loveeee the shirt! Thanks for the lovely comment :)

  2. A sunny hello to you! I wonder how you're doing? One can never have too many wishes :)
    Lovely grtz
    Poppy. x

    Ps: that Erland cover makes me want to jump as high as she can.. It looks like so much fun! It's almost flying. Last time I tried something like that my bed was dead.

  3. ps: Here in Belgium lots of people were going crazy for the wedding yesterday , everyone was talking about the romantic royal couple, how beautiful her dress was, how many people were waiting for them for so long. It was everywhere in the news and on the internet. It al looked like a fairytale marriage.. so dreamy wonderful :)
    P. x

  4. erland and the carnival is the best! my dad bought their new album the other day and i'm obsessed


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