Wednesday, 20 April 2011

268.Wishes to be a fairy

vintage earrings,everything else vintage hand me downs from my mum

What's a girl to do-Bat for Lashes
Todays outfit, plus a recent creativity splurge...I couldn't resist putting up more pictures on my walls.It's not fully finished but is looking groovy.I also have a major obsession with layering at the moment,rubbish timing for the sunny weather.


  1. gorgeous outfit. i'm sure you also get a lot of compliments on your hair. the pictures on the wall are awesome too, i'm especially fond of the sassy cover with johnny depp

  2. absolutely darling! your mum has great clothes :) your hair is getting so long & it looks good! xx

  3. love love love this outfit!
    The belt not so much.
    But the top is something else!
    Ahhhh I see sailor-moon! And organized hypnosis.
    though why do I see tights to restrain the free-fly of this fairy?


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