Wednesday, 27 April 2011

270.Wishes to do something amazing

This dude is aaaamazing.The whole thing is made from toothpicks,and supposedly it took him 35 years to do it.Just thought I'd let you all know.
Also Tegan(of teganontoast) reccomended the magazine oh comely,so I picked it up the other day in town;It really is delightful.Such an interesting magazine...and friendly too.I like friendly stuff. Anyways,I'm off to Leeds with Charlotte tommorow,so maybe then I'll have something more worthwhile to post.Have a great Thursday!
ps anyone tired of all the royal wedding garb infecting your every move? In Tesco's they had T-shirts with the slogan "Marry me instead",bleuggghhh. Don't get why they're even selling that stuff in my city,seen as nobody has officially planned a street party.

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