Friday, 22 April 2011

269.Wishes to eat strawberries and cream

Topshop glasses,hair clip and dress,H&M cardigan,vintage shoes and belt

In the Sun-She & Him (very befitting of this post,I think)

Channeling all those vintage,retro vibes within me.Some days I just feel the need for red lipstick and being a girl girl instead of a guuuurrrl(the cooler more badass version of me).I think the discovery of the blog Yours Truly through The clothes horses' interview has inspired me.


  1. you can definitely rock the vintage look! LOVE the hair too! Make sure to eat ORGANIC strawberries! & what red lippie is that brand? very pretty colour! xx

  2. vomit at tights-
    switch for some little angle sock, red socks.
    no funky red socks with blue and white flowers on.
    It's just the bottom of your dress has a strong conflict with the synthetic greeting!
    you still look bad-ass
    a peck of your lips,
    bite of velvet blood.
    Just plain nasty!


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